The Plan

As explained elsewhere on this web site the real choice America faces is not between two political parties but rather between two political ideologies. These two political ideologies are candidates that believe that America is better off as a Nation under God and candidates that believe America is better off as a Nation under Government.

We follow politics closely. One objective is to give you our opinion as to which ideology a candidate stands for. You can then vote for the ideology you want. As best we can figure the country is pretty evenly divided between the two.

Our objective is also to back our opinion up with facts. We are most proud of something done here that is done nowhere else. We tap into the news gathering ability of the Grassroots. The main method used is the video profiles of candidates. If you think about it the grassroots groups out there likely posses tens of thousands more video cameras than the largest news organizations out there and if you include smart phones this goes up to likely hundreds of thousands. In documenting candidates high quality video is not needed. Documentation video can be taken with almost any camera or smart phone.

Below are links to the video candidate profiles of two candidates from the 2012 election cycle so you can get an idea of how they work. The video profile web pages are linked to from the main profile web page each candidate has.Please click on one before reading further.

Gaye Holt - candidate for SC House district 34

Chad Groover - candidate for SC Senate district 8

After looking over the profiles hopefully you noticed a few things. One is video does give you a better feel for who the candidates are. A picture in the newspaper or on a mailer can't let you experience all the body language and other visual cues that are only available through video.

Another is that video is factual reporting. The does usually break debates and meetings into separate questions for ease of finding the questions that interest you but the video is left uncut other than that. It is factual reporting. A central web site where voters can come for this will really help candidates that would make great representatives but don't have the money to get the exposure.

Another thing that you will notice is that there is still the problem that career politicians like to do what they do best which is to not answer the questions. Even then you still have a better idea where the career politicians stand. The good news is that the inexperienced candidates tend to answer questions. This is a good thing for voters that want to put new blood in office. This way they get a good look at that new blood.

The last part of the plan that we would like voters to see is some of the races that were covered in 2012. In all races in South Carolina the candidates were at least listed but only competitive races get covered extensively. Clicking on the links in the pull down menu below will take you to some of these. The comments section is after the listing of candidates in each race. The Katrina Shealy race has the most extensive comments. The Presidential race doesn't have any profiles but the major candidates were listed and there are comments at the bottom.

Just a few volunteers produced what is seen here in 2012. If you agree that the real choice isn't between Democrats and Republicans but is instead a choice between God and Government we need donations for some paid staff members.

To donate please click on the "Donate" button below. This will take you to a web page run by a company called PayPal. Here you can either use a credit card or use a PayPal account.

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