How you can help

The following is a list of actions you can take. Most will take very little time and cost either nothing or just a few dollars for stamps, ink and paper. Each item will be discussed in more detail as you scroll down this web page.

  • Learn your rights.

Learn your rights.

Many Churches are leery of any political activity. If you are the head of a Church it will help to understand that the main limiting factor is how much you dare to upset your congregation. This is because once you know your rights you will realize that the IRS grants Churches much more legal leeway than most Churches think they have. As the booklet below will explain your Church will get into no legal troubles talking about candidates as long as you don't endorse any candidates. The booklet will explain much more. It only cost three dollars including shipping (as of 3/2014) and takes very little time to read. Please click here or on the picture of the book for more information. This might just be the best three dollars you will ever spend.

patriot handbook

Another way to help America veer off the path to becoming more of a Nation under Government and get on the path to becoming a Nation under God again would be to have more people understand how a “Foundational” constitution works. Please click here or on the picture of the book below for more information on a course that teaches how a “Foundational” constitution works. This course is extremely inexpensive for a church to participate in.

5000 year leap

Donating always helps

Clicking the button below will allow you to donate with either a credit card or a Paypal account. This process is completely automated so a donation of just a few dollars will help. Donations are not tax deductible.

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