This is the Constitution Course we recommend

This course can easily be implemented at most any size church or other organazation. If you have a DVD player, the main cost per student is the price of the book which was right around six dollars as of November 2011.

The course is broken into twenty-eight half-hour segments. This may seem long but most groups will do one or two segments every week. There is no difficult studying involved. Click on the link below for a sample of one of the classes.

Link to lesson 6 - Only a Virtuous People are Capable of Freedom
Your teacher - Dr. Earl Taylor, President NCCS

The course is based on the book shown below but it is not even necessary to read the book. This is a very informative and pleasant course.

5000 Year Leap

Contact information for the above course is:
37777 West Juniper Road
Malta, ID 83342
(208) 645-2625
Link to home page National Center for Constitutional Studies

Note: The is in no way associated with NCCS. We see no reason to reinvent the wheel. We recommend this as an excellent course that reaches most every level of student.

Link to introduction - Intro: The Principles of Liberty

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